Francehas all it takes to succeed in its green reindustrialization.

Scaling up French cleantech is key to unlock our decarbonization, jobs and economic competitiveness.

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Cleantech for France intends to amplify the voice of cleantech innovators and investors towards policy-makers in order to accelerate decarbonisation, green reindustrialisation, and energy security in France.

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Why make cleantech a strategic priority in France?


50% of the decarbonisation to get to net zero will come from technologies that have not yet reached the state of commercialisation, according to the IEA. It is crucial to install a sustained dialogue between the actors of innovation, investment, and public policy in order to find solutions for decarbonisation.

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€1.9 billion have been invested into French cleantech in 2021. The French cleantech ecosystem is very active: investments in venture capital have been multiplied by 4 in 5 years.


invested in 2021


Despite its progress, France is lagging behind its German and British neighbors on cleantech investment: in 2021, €3.4 billion were invested in Germany, and €3.9 billion in the UK. Cleantech investment needs to continue to grow in France.

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In 2021, only 1% of venture capital invested in French cleantech went to materials and chemicals, a key sector for decarbonisation.

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Innovation is essential for the reindustrialisation of French regions and our race to net zero.

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Cleantech for
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Cleantech for
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Cleantech for
Encourage the contribution made by French cleantech to the reduction of carbon emissions.
Integrate all the cleantech actors to the creation of strategic policies, and generally all decarbonisation plans.
Identify and propose specific solutions for the scaling-up of French cleantech, especially as regards the acceleration of the demand of solutions.


Cleantech for France

Our mission is to contribute to "net-zero" objectives through recurrent dialogues between key players of innovation, of investement and of French public policy. We ensure cleantech start-ups' conditions of emergence, growth and scale-up, thus promoting a massive deployment of essential solutions for the world of tomorrow.

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At Cleantech Group, we provide research, consulting and events to catalyze opportunities for sustainable growth powered by innovation. We bring clients access to the trends, companies and people shaping the future and the customized advice and support businesses need to engage external innovation.

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Established in 2015 by Bill Gates and a coalition of private investors concerned about the impacts of accelerating climate change, Breakthrough Energy supports the innovations that will lead the world to net-zero emissions. We are building on the proven model of public-private partnerships that Gates has already used to transform health, education, and public welfare around the world.

Breakthrough Energy is a network of entities and initiatives, including investment funds, nonprofit and philanthropic programs, and policy efforts linked by a common commitment to scale the technologies we need to achieve a path to net zero emissions by 2050.

We are encouraging the development of new net-zero energy technologies, championing policies that speed innovation from lab to market, and bringing together governments, research institutions, private companies, and investors to expand and enhance clean-energy investment.